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  1. So here’s a question about Secret Invasion for everyone: Did Bendis go TOO "Pulp Fiction" with the chronology of the thing?  Maybe this "training" issue (if that’s what it really is) should have come RIGHT AFTER Fury recruited his "Secret Warriors"?


    (P.S. – I love Secret Invasion.) 

  2. LOL. – too Pulp Fiction. Yeah…it is I think. Same with Secret Invasion : Thor, taking place before Secret Invasion 6…whatever. Gotta Love Thor.

  3. Wow, i’m really tired of tie-ins.

  4. Is this the first week that Mighty Avengers and New Avengers are coming out on different weeks?

  5. Honestly, Race, I don’t know or care. I am doing keg stands of the Bendis Kool-Aid and can’t possibly be objective when it comes to Secret Invasion. I’m lovin’ every minute of it.


  6. I’m very selective with my tie-ins. Thor. Mighty, New. That’s it. Oh, no, I’m gonna buy those old FF backs too…ok maybe not that much selective.

  7. Dude im just gonna say IM DONE WITH MARVEL BIG EVENTS, yes i said it but i refuse to keep buying books to support marvels theory that we all want major events because sales numbers are high. From now on i refuse to buy em and i think people should think about cutting out buying tie ins and crap if they feel compelled to keep buying event books.

  8. well, if we like them, why shoudn’t we buy them? Mighty and New are fun, and I love Thor, so its not like I feel like I’m wasting my money…

    And I mean, everything with the Secret Warriors, count me in.

  9. Secret Warriors? Not interested.  They’ve done less than nothing to give me any reason to care about these kids. 

    I think Mighty Avengers and New Avengers are dangerously close to suffering the same fate as JLA did recently. JLA for about a year was little more than a tie-in book for all of DC’s big events.  I think if this continues both Might and New will begin to sufffer in terms of sales. They are already suffering in terms of quality.  Koi Pham’s art isn’t up to par. Bendis is doing somersaults trying to get everything to tie together.  I’m just not feeling this book right now. I’ll be curious to see who the new writer on the book will be after Bendis leaves.

  10. The preview pages of this book knocked my socks off.

  11. Hmm.  Part of me says "Don’t do it! Stay clear of pesky tie-ins you can ill afford" but the other part of me say "Go on!  You know you want to…"  Darn you BMB!

  12. Oh, Bendis. Why can’t i quit you?

  13. @Diabhol – Kegstands?  I’ve been funneling.

  14. I know this has been beat to death, but wouldn’t it be great if the Avengers were actually in this book eventually? They should’ve suspended the books for SI and just created a series called "Secret Invasion: Back Story."

  15. This ruled. A lot.

  16. It was kinda fun, I was surprised.

  17. I agree, cman.  This was purely a fun comic book.  I really like the art also, much better than the fiasco that I call Xfactor…

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