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  1. So many avengers so little time.

  2. if this arc dosen’t end with some sort of Skrull reveal I will eat my hat


    my hat! 

  3. I’ve really enjoyed this entire series; don’t get me wrong, New Avengers is brilliant too, but Mighty Avengers just feels more fun and lighthearted to me – at least so far in the books life-span. I’ve loved seeing the team go up against Doctor Doom again, and I’ve loved the fast-pace of the plot.


    Given the much darker story-line currently running through the New Avengers book, this Mighty Avengers plot has meant there’s been a perfect balance in terms of story types for the Avengers – for me anyway!

  4. I’m almost embarrassed by how much I like this title. I wish Bagley could stay on it longer.

  5. I like Bagely too, but man Koi Pham is going to be amazing on this book.

  6. I like Bagely too, but man Koi Pham is going to be amazing on this book.

  7. I really dislike that two Avenger books are coming in the same week.  I love the Bendis writing, but man it is just too much. 

  8. So… Spider-Woman’s a Skrull?

  9. I just saw the preview with Koi Pham’s art and I’m really excited as well. Besides the 1st arc’s lateness, it’s been a really fun book. It seems like this is the Action Avengers book and is more in line with the "saving the Earth" Avengers, while the other book is very street level. Loving the Avengers as a whole right now!

  10. I was convinced Jessica Drew was trustworthy… until this issue. Now I think her, Wonder Man, and Wasp are all skrulls.

  11. Spider-Woman is seeming very skrully. Love this book. I just wish I did not have to buy three avenger books and add secret invasion next month.

  12. I enjoy bagley’s art, but this was obviously rushed and very meh.

  13. I am thrilled that they FINALLY have caught this book up to the rest of the Marvel Universe.

    Since the Avengers were dissassembled, I felt like the Avengers were pretty much gone. New Avengers is an AWESOME title but it just doesnt feel like the Avengers. No Mansion, no Jarvis, No cosmic villains, etc.. This book, however, really does have that "Avenger-y" feel to it. It was just always sooooo late there for a while that I stopped reading it until they caught up a bit. Now that they have…. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! (Crap. Saying that made me miss a certain star spangled Avenger. Maybe soon.)

  14. I just got the first arc in trade and reads really well. This issue felt like Bendis wants us not to trust Drew but i think its a big ass red herring.

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