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  1. New artist? Hopefully it’s not too much of a change.

  2. @s1: He’s on the latest episode of

  3. I believe he drew Queen & Country among other things. Shouldn’t be that big a departure if I remember his style.

  4. How has this been so far?  What do you guys think?  I thought about picking it up.

  5. @vadamowens

    you can probably pick up this issue and follow along. Its been pretty slow so you havent missed much. Im really loving this book and I hope they reveal more of the mystery.

  6. @vadamowens Yes!  It’s been great, dive in.

  7. This is a phenomenal book. I can’t wait to read it next. Jumping to the top of my stack.

  8. @Vada: I haven’t read this issue yet but I’d say you can just jump in. However, the 4 issues leading up to this one are excellent. So if you can spare the dough I’d recommend getting them. They are not "necessary" but the covers are all by the same artist (dave johnson) making it a nice collectin if you’re into that. Also, the first 4 issues set up the main characters nicely and get into the subtleties which is nice. Finally, I’ve re-read them and picked up interesting clues about where the story’s going also. I think certain things (such as the Alpha One toys) will possibly be revealed as more than they appear.

    Either way, if you do check it out and let us know what you think!

  9. WTF just happened??  SPOILER

    I thought this was turning into a less interesting Invincible rip off, but then they upped the freaky evil factor by 10 with the last few pages.

  10. Yup. I had faith the whole way and it paid off! That young girl at the end is indeed the young girl Alpha one saves from the car wreck in the last scene of issue 4 is it not?

    Also, ***SPOILERS *** I did suspect something "alien" was going on for a few issues but I missed the most obvious clue. What kind of name is Alpha One? 

    Good stuff…

  11. The plot thickens!

  12. This book brings the Oh Shiiiii moments! This was a great issue. I was hesitant about the artist change, but I really enjoyed Samnee’s art. I can’t wait to read the next chapter of this story.

  13. Thanks for the recommend guys.  I bought all 5 issues and really enjoyed it.  Alpha’s character seems to be quite nefarious

  14. This book gets better and better!

  15. Nice to see people are giving this a try. Sales might even pick up. That would be cool…

  16. Holy crap this book is getting good.

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