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  1. I enjoyed the first issue quite a bit, and I love Snejbjerg’s art. I’m looking forward to part 2

  2. That’s a great cover.

  3. Can’t wait for this one!! Loved issue 1.

  4. I really WANTED to like issue #1. Peter Tomasi has been doing some great work on GL Corps and Nightwing. I just can’t say I really dug the first one. I’m gonna give this one a shot … see what happens and go from there.

  5. I’ve prepaid through issue 3, but if issue 1 was any indication, this story has been done many many times.  I enjoyed issue 1, but there was nothing new there.  The story is very similar to Emissary from Image a couple years back.  I love Tomasi, but I’d prefer to buy a book that takes place in the DC Universe.

    Not knocking this book at all, #1 was good, but nothing outstanding or original. 

  6. it’s a funny thing to turn the superhero of the story into the authoritarian oppressive government. Total role reversal

  7. @edward

    Aquaman seconds that

  8. the second fantastic cover in two issues…

  9. Issue 2 sold me, I’m on board for at least a few more issues.

    Loves me some Tomasi. 

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