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  1. I love Tomasi both on Green Lantern/BN stuff and on this. Can’t wait.

  2. well just by looking at the cover, cole will probably trick alpha to give him super powers and attack.

  3. Love that cover.  Can’t wait for this.

  4. Pretty slow week.  This’ll prolly be POTW for me.

  5. This has been one of my favorite series this year.

  6. Cole won’t have to trick. See issue #10.

  7. I think Cole’s wife will have something to do with it. Maybe Lure Alpha One, and then scratch him.

  8. I can’t wait to read this later on today!!!

  9. Looks like Alpha is emerging from an alien husk.

  10. This book deserves a 10. Incredible.

  11. I’ve gone over these pages at least 5 times now, and I still couldn’t tell you where the panel is where Gabe gets his superpowers.  From what I can tell, Alpha’s about to beef him up, Gabe fights back, Alpha snaps Gabe’s neck, then Gabe comes back to life with all his powers?  Am I forgetting something from a previous issue?

  12. @Slockhart – I don’t have the book in front of me (I’m at work), but I believe he gets the powers when he smashes Alpha’s machinery.  He is covered in the fluid that was about to be injected and has a number of glass shards sticking out of him.  That implies (to me) that the fluid got into his system when he shattered the device.

  13. It’s off panel when he says something about the last time he’ll ever feel pain. I did the same thing. I’ll admit that might be one mistake with the issue in terms of clarity.

  14. Hmm. I was also confused by this, but was leaning to Stuclach’s idea that the act of busting up all the machinery gave Cole the powers. The page in which Cole says it will be his last time to feel pain does have a shot of the needle, but then Alpha-1 looks over to Cole’s wife and addresses her, so I thought the indication was Cole was never injected by that needle.

    What’s the consensus?  Is suppose the bottom line is: Cole got powers.

  15. Yes, I was wondering the same thing about when he got injected. Still, great issue and action packed.

  16. i was also confused with him getting powers too. only explanation is the liquid convered shards.

  17. I was recently thinking about how to describe The Mighty to friends, and after the last few issues I think i came up with an easy way. Its a What-If story. What-If we got General Zod intead of Kal-El.

  18. He got his powers when he destroyed the machine and got covered in the power gving juice.

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