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chewie81004/26/08YesRead Review


  1. beautiful book that I never hear anyone talk about.

  2. I have picked up issues 1-3 and will also pick this up but I haven’t read any of them. I have started issue 1 many times but haven’t made it through it. Although the art is definitely beautiful the names of the characters and their looks get me lost very quickly. I basically started picking up this series because I enjoy Mouse Guard and grew up reading Brian Jacques’s Redwall/Mossflower novels which are all similar in their characters and stories to some extent. So until I get the time to sit down and concentrate on Mice Templar it will probably just be added to the ever growing of unread comics next to my bed. 

  3. It is a great book but never a quick read. This issue was good but I’ll have to read it again as it is a little confusing at times.

  4. It  feels like you are reading a novel where a chapter comes out every couple of months. The art is beautiful to look at but it’s hard to follow the story most of the time. I expect it will read much better in one sitting with a trade.

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