When the Mesmo Delivery truck rolls into town, a heap of trouble is sure to follow.

Eisner Award-winning artist Rafael Gramp

Writer: Rafael Gramp

Price: $9.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%



  2. Ive heard great things, Whats the word on this one?

  3. who cares? look at the art!

  4. Missed this with the original publisher, not missing it this time. Can’t wait.

  5. Holy shit! I forgot this was coming out.

  6. Been waiting for this one.

  7. Went to three shops looking for this and everyone said it didnt ship. Anyone know anything?

  8. @ AlanRob

    Didn’t ship at my LCS either and, from checking previews, it wasn’t actually solicited as coming out til early March.  Could just be that Diamond were wrong as it’s happened before.  Here’s hoping for next week…

  9. @odare77  Thanks!  Still wondering how people are rating it already, but I will damn sure get it when it comes out!

  10. Diamond has listed the book to be shipped in March, but that can be debated.

  11. I got it at my LCS.

  12. My LCS said not until the beginning of March. Can’t wait. Jealous of those who got it already.

  13. God, that art was gorgeous.  The intro by Azzarello was pretty cool too.

  14. Review of this coming up next week. 

  15. best pull of the week.

  16. very tarentino. a lot of style, little substance but very entertaining

  17. Simply Awesome. Grampa is the Tarantino of comics

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