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The Shadow, Green Hornet, and the other heroes have infiltrated the stronghold of the Justice Party, but are they prepared for the dark secrets held within? Meanwhile, the new Zorro and Black Bat stand together, overwhelmed as Black Legion troopers flood the city streets. And what has become of the Spider?

Story by Chris Roberson
Art by Dennis Calero
Cover by Alex Ross, Ardian Syaf, Sean Chen, & Stephen Segovia

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. I am totally loving this series, it’s the only thing I’ve ever got from Dynamite & Roberson is the man!

    • Me too! Unfortunately its almost over. You should check out Shadow from Dynamite thats another good read.I want to get The Green Hornet by Waid that just started but my pull list needs reductions not additions.

    • I know I’m at that same cross-roads got a lot of mini’s ending soon but I already have enough ongoings to make up for it. I may check out The Shadow trade by Ennis & Campbell!

    • Glad to see that I’m not the only one enjoying this series.

      @hanson: I just read yesterday the first issue of Waid’s Green Hornet, and thought it was great. I want to keep reading but my budget may force me to postpone for now. I’ve read the first two issues of Wagner’s Shadow Year One, which were good. but, again, the budget’s pretty tight right now . . .

  2. I added this to my pull file based on the amazing first issue, but none of the issues after have been nearly as engaging. Was the story just told better with Alex Ross on the interiors? I’m looking again at #5 and there are a lot of vary large panels. With so many characters in different places, I think my issue is that the story is just touching on what is happening and not reflecting or building story pace. I don’t want to drop the series at this point with the end in site though…

    The other comics that got me to pay attention to Dynamite were the beginning arcs on the Kevin Smith titles, Green Hornet and Bionic Man.

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