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Powerful criminals and crooked politicians have taken over New York, and instituted a fascist police state. With the law bent to their own purposes, the so- called “Justice Party” and their army of Black Legion troopers imprison, extort, and execute any citizens who stand in their way. Only vigilantes like the Shadow, Green Hornet, and the Spider have any hope of standing against them, but instead of operating outside the law as they have always done, these masked heroes must now oppose the law in their fight for justice. But they will not be fighting alone, as more men and women don masks and emerge from the shadows to stand alongside them.

Story by Chris Roberson
Art by Dennis Calero
Cover by Alex Ross, Jae Lee, Ardian Syaf, & Howard Chaykin

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I thought the first issue of this was a little too heavy handed and simple. Great to see Alex Ross on art, though, if only for one issue.

  2. Calero on art looks very impressive in the preview, i’ll try to grab this off the racks, and if the story has a little more momentum than the first issue, i’ll get the rest of the series as well.

  3. Alex Ross was the primary reason for reading this. I’m thinking I won’t be picking this series up after all.

  4. Relegated to “try to remember to check out the trade”.

    From the public library.

  5. I really enjoyed the first issue and not just for the Alex Ross art…..I loved the old pulp characters….I hope the art in issue 2 is good though Ross is an impossible act to follow haha.

  6. Hmm… alot of negativity after a first issue that I thought was awesome!…. Seriously, only a few comics these days gives me that excitement I had as a little kid. Am I the only one who felt that was not just “ok” but actually loved the first issue?

  7. I suspect that some people were disappointed as the first issue was pretty much just exposition. However, given that this is a, I believe, 12 issue series, I think that taking the time to spend a chapter on set-up is justified. As for myself, I was all prepared to say “trade wait/back issue sale”, but instead thought it was a great issue. I’ll be squeezing the second into my budget for this week.

    I do feel sorry for any artist that follows Ross though. Maybe if Ross starts now he can do the interiors for the finale . . ?

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