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  1. I read the first few books a couple years ago and this was actually my favorite.  Sadly, I’ll be waiting for the hardcover.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this cover, but I’ll be waiting for hardcover too.

  3. ::shakes head.:: Silly trade waiters… you need to give a book love and attention so it can grow. 😉

    That said… Return to Oz is one of my favorite movies ever. (Return to Oz blends Marvelous Land of Oz and Ozma of Of together in a sort of child’s horror film way). I know Eric Shanower was pretty down on the film in an interview I read, but Skottie Yong was really into the film and I can see hints of that in Jack Pumpkinhead here. I really want to see an Ozma of Oz adaptation because Tik-Tok is one of my favorite Oz characters. So Excited for this!

  4. I’m merely waiting for the hardcover so that’ll go with my hardcover of the first series.  No need to buy the series twice.

    I remember really liking the beginning Ozma of Oz, so I’d be up for an adaptation of that too.  I don’t think I ever got to Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, though.

  5. Loved the first mini when I got the beautiful hardcover. I’m sure I’ll love this when it comes out in hardcover as well.

  6. is the first mini collected yet

  7. @conor Oh, I’m just kidding. I’m just expressing a bit of the frustration I had with Wizard of Oz. Everyone was trade waiting this series that no one was commenting on it issue by issue!

    @oldmanlogan Yes it is. It was released In September of October, I believe. They wanted to have it out in ’09 for the 70 anniversary of the Wizard of Oz film. 

  8. I’ll be waiting for tha trade

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