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  1. At least it’s written by Lente who rocked on MZ 3 & 4.

  2. It was a fun ride…..well kind of disturbing but much better than Marvel Zombies 3 or4.

  3. Loved it. The art breaks away from the established Marvel Zombie dark aesthetic and by doing so, makes the numerous disturbing and shocking moments resonate that much stronger. It’s very easy to read a comic/book and be bored. More than anything when I read, I want to be moved. That is what entertains me. And this book definitely accomplishes that. Highly recommended. My only negative comment is I don’t think the Watcher, of all characters, needs to have ripped biceps.

  4. The Marvel Zombies Comic Book Saga is awesome hope to get me this copy.

  5. This was such a huge drop in quality.

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