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  1. Really disappointed in this series after the first one being so good.  I am also really, really tired of seeing have of the marvel variant covers being zombie covers.

  2. So don’t buy this or the variant zombie covers. Problem solved.

  3. This has been pretty "meh" for me too, but I’ll pick up the last issue to see if any fun twists come out of it.  You never know with Robert Kirkman.

  4. I kind of wish that the covers had more to do with the story.  Not neccesarrily directly, but it would be cool to have some tie into the story.

    @Neb – definitely a meh for me too.  Don’t regret picking it up, but it has been as fun as the previous volume. 

  5. thank god that’s over. I almost dropped it but since I had the past four I figured I should complete it. I wish I hadn’t even started it.

  6. It wasn’t Great, i probly would have rather gotten it as a trade but what can you do?

  7. Yep, this series was a letdown. I’m glad it’s over too.

  8. But it was the END? < Good old Robert made a point in mentoining that.

  9. This was ok at best.  There were some funny moments (like Firelord trying to talk with his lower jaw missing), but yeah, glad its over.  It looks like they set up for a Marvel Zombies 3 *sigh*.  Really, this was enough.

  10. I only bought this to complete the series.  I’m done, I won’t get MZ3 if it happens.

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