The cannibal plague continues to consume the Marvel Universe. A cur is possible but fierce tribes of monsters led by the Thing and the Hulk are hunting down the last scientists. The cannibals don’t want a cure; they want to conquer and devour. From the ruins three heroes rise to form a last line of resistance. With a gun, with a shield and with claws. The Punisher and Captain America join Wolverine as humanity’s last best hope.

NY Times bestselling thriller author Jonathan Maberry and celebrated artist Laurence Campbell tear light the fuse on part 3 of this apocalyptic horror story.

Story by Jonathan Maberry
Art by Laurence Campbell
Colors by Lee Loughridge
Cover by Jock

Price: $3.99
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  1. Great fun with this, last issue was weaker than the first, but hope this steps it up.

  2. Most underated mini out right now

  3. meh was expecting alot more from this issue… kinda fell short of my expectations to move this story along and not much happened here . Now that theres only on more issue hopefully this will end on a high note

  4. Last time I checked Wolverine has enhanced-senses, think he would’ve noticed the Thing hiding there. Aren’t editors supposed to see that kinda stuff, or is that all the writer?

    Pretty impressive how the Hulk can have the strength to break Adamantium bones, seen him do it to Wolvie before in other stories.

    Let me get this straight, looked to me Reed turned at the end, but was still loading that cart?

    Except for some minor issues, this has been a great series. Wolverine has sounded spot on, and there’s some powerful moments and dialogue in this from his perspective.

    Laurence Campbell hits a home run in this one, again, but who decided upon the half-mask, battle-damaged Wolverine look, classic.

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