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  1. If the contents are classified, how do I know whether I want to buy it or not? Why is Ultimate Nick Fury wearing commander steve’s uniform?

    • Yeah, I get why they “classify” the solicit text when these things come out three months prior to publishing…but since AVX is over now, you’d think they’d release new solicits or at least update the old ones.

      Last week’s AVX Consequences #1 had a “classified” solicit, and I think the lack of information caused people to pass on what was actually a decent book (I know, I know, some people don’t want anything to do with AVX or Point One stuff, but I thought it did a nice job fleshing out the post-AVX landscape).

    • Hey har13quin:

      Nick was given this uniform by Steve Rogers in BATTLESCARS.

      Hope you guys dig this! Lot of great stories in here.

    • Thanks for the info Nick, I will take a look at that. I will now pick this books up, just because of your input! THE POWER OF THE INTERNET!

    • I just found out about Battlescars… I haven’t read it, so I can’t pass judgement on the actual content, but from what I was told it seemed like the whole thing was designed to crowbar in a Nick Fury that looks the same as Ultimate Nick Fury. Seems more than a bit lame, but needs must I suppose.

      On the bright side, this point 1 book is really good!

  2. I’m gonna see what this is going for digitally and go from there. I am interested in a few of these titles

  3. Very curious to see if Ron picks this up…

  4. This is the beginning of the end of my third bout of Marvel Zombie-ism.

    This issue is the line in the sand. Marvel NOW! will become Marvel Not So Much Anymore.

    Which only means I’ve cut down from 40 monthlies to 20.

    It’s been fun, but when Hickman leaves the Avengers, Remender leaves Cap or UA, Fraction leaves F4/FF or Bendis leaves ANXM, I’ll let my subscriptions lapse and just pick up Waid’s Daredevil and whatever Chris Yost is writing.

    Every 18 or 20 years I get cured of the infectious affliction known as MZ. I’ve relapsed twice.

    So, recommend some good Image comics, willya? BOOM? IDW? Dark Horse?

    • My favorite “indie” comics right now are

      1. Invincible
      2. The Walking Dead (better to read in trades)
      3. American Vampire
      4. SAGA

      If you only pick up one make it SAGA

    • BPRD, Conan, The Goon, Manhattan Projects, Fatale, Mars Attacks, etc…

    • I’ll second Saga, American Vampire, Manhattan Projects and Fatale. And then add Thief of Thieves (Image), Peter Panzerfaust (Image), The Massive (Dark Horse) to the list of non-Marvel/DC recommendations.

      But you make it sound like you’ll be dropping your Marvel subscriptions next week! 🙂

      Bendis and Hickman both talk like they’ve got years of stories in mind for Avengers and X-Men, so I think you’ll be sticking around for a while!

    • Revival
      Saucer Country
      Rachel Rising

    • KenOchalek: It’s an ongoing process of transformation. 8)

      Thanks for all of the recs, and keep ’em coming.

      Looking to branch out a bit again.

    • The Sixth Gun. Catch up with trades (or digital) and keep going from #24 (new arc start).

    • Saga, Manhattan Projects, Prophet, Revival, The Massive, The Spider, Fatale, Saucer Country, The New Deadwardians

    • Dude,

      BPRD 1948 #1

      Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities & the Orm of Loch Ness #1

      Both are number ones and a little on the supernatural/mythical monster side but both are also full of great writing and amazing art.

    • Danger Club, Prophet, Glory, Saga, Manhattan Projects, Mind the Gap, ANY Valiant book right now; There is so much great stuff being done outside of the big two right now that I have shifted most of my focus to other books. They tend to be inventive and less bogged-down in continuity (that being said, I love the characters at both DC and Marvel and have for over 20 years, but it is what it is).

    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    • Any Mignola-verse book (BPRD, Baltimore, Hellboy) Archer & Armstrong, X-O Manowar, Rachel Rising, Prophet, Manhattan Projects, SAGA, Pigs (when it comes out), Secret Service, Peter Panzerfaust, Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm,
      Saucer Country, Conan the Barbarian, Mudman, The Massive, and anything by Roger Langridge. That guy deserves more props.

    • Thanks for the replies.

      More indy recommendations, please.

  5. I predict no one will get there 6 bucks worth while reading this.

  6. All the characters on the cover intrigue me enough to want to check this out, except fury jr. and cable. No page count listed, so hopefully it’s more than 4 pages of each characters on the cover followed up with fluff pages.. But $6 is cheaper than buying all these #1’s at 3.99/ to find out I’m not interested in the story/art.

  7. Last Point One was confusing, in that half of the stuff didn’t actually have follow up. I hope this is more coherent with the publishing plans.

    • It’s looking like this Point One will be a lot more cohesive, since all the shorts are lead-ins to Marvel Now launches (Secret Avengers, Young Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, FF, Nova and Cable and X-Force).

      But I’d argue that they did pretty well on the follow up from the last Point One. Defenders, Scarlet Spider, and the Age of Apocalypse ongoings were all launched out of that book. The Nova segment was an AVX prologue. And Bendis and Hitch’s Ultron story is still forthcoming. I don’t know if the Yin Yang Twins thing ever went anywhere, so that’s the only true miss I can find in it.

      So they were 5 (or 4, depending on how charitable you are with the Ultron thing) for 6. That seems alright.

  8. I would say I got $3.50 worth of comic. Which isn’t bad considering some $3 books I’ve purchased that were worthless. I would rank them from weakest to best; Ant-man, Nova, Young Avengers, Fury Jr., Forge (Cable) and Starlord. The Starlord story has got me really pumped up for the Guardians book. Bendis is going to kill it (in a good way). I had no interest in the Secret Avengers book until after I read this. There are some interesting seeds and foreshadowing. But foreshadowing to what exactly I’m not sure. If it won’t break the bank I’d recommend this book.

  9. iff you are looking for something different try Mind the Gap, and even though Dc publishes it Punk Rock Jesus is very good and feels like an independent when reading.

  10. I Can’t stand Fraction but Surprisingly I enjoyed FF, maybe it’s because it’s only a few pages, and I love the Allreds art work. One title I will be picking up off the back of this is GOTG.

  11. Secret Avengers; I can’t take anything about this Nick Fury Jr. seriously

    Guardians of the Galaxy; 4 pages of awesome art, and a book by Bendis with only 2 panels of dialogue. Cool.

    Novoeb; How about NO!-va!

    Young Avengers – Kid Loki you lovable scamp you!

    FF – Scott Lang is alive? Mike Allred art was brilliant as always, and the preview was fun.

    Cable & some X-shit – Some x-shit

  12. This was definitely an improvement on last year’s massive Point One collection.

    I was already pretty much sold on Young Avengers, but the story in this got me downright excited. Nova and Starlord didn’t do much for me (but if I were 14, I think Nova would be my jam).

    But my wallet is already not pleased with how much the Secret Avengers, FF, and Cable & The X-Force segments intrigued me.

    At least I have 3 months to decide on most of these books.

  13. GOTG *****
    FF ****
    Young Avengers ****
    Nova **
    Secret Avengers *
    Cable and the X-Force minus 5

    definitely dropping Secret Avengers when Remender finishes his run, might give Young Avengers ago as replacement for JIM. Surprised by FF but that may just be the fact I love the art and it was only a few pages as I normally can’t stand Fraction’s work. Excited for GOTG, but Cable and the X-force i read one page and gave up,wish I could get that minute back.

  14. Interesting to see, but basically dropped 6 bucks for an advertisement. There was no real “story,” and what there was was fairly unclear–stories just popped in and out–How was Fury “seeing” them? Was the guy just telling? Huh? Anyway, not worth the money…buy the books instead!

  15. I can’t wait for FF to start, really looking forward to what Matt Fraction has in store for Medusa, She-Hulk, and Ant-Man; I am enjoying what he is doing with Hawkeye, so I’m positive things will be just as awesome here. That, plus Michael Allred’s artwork… so exciting!

    Please check my mini-review of Marvel Now! Point One: Ant-Man here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  16. Are the pages in this going to be in the first issues the various titles represented in this book?

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