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  1. 9.99?!?!?!


  2. Yes. That was also my reaction. According to the little information I could find online, this is a 104 page square bound book. Basically, it seems to be a mini-trade, mostly full of reprints. I’m looking forward to looking at it in the store.

  3. Wait… isn’t it October?

  4. @slockhart  Only for a few more days 🙂

    I hear next year’s issue ships in september

  5. That cover put a big ol’ grin on my face

  6. So for $9.99 you get a gift giving guide of what else to buy… don’t they usually give that type of stuff out for free?

  7. remember this is marvel….and NOTHING is free with marvel

  8. So I enlarged the cover, and for some reason coal didn’t come to mind.

    Definitely thought Hulk had taken a dump in Rulk’s stocking… 

  9. Gave this the ol’ flip through at the store and decided it wasn’t worth the price.

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