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IAN (Hulk, Supergirl) CHURCHILL’s brand new creator-owned series continues! Steve ‘Marineman’ Ocean returns to American soil and has to face the repercussions of last issue’s dramatic revelation while also dealing with the anniversary of his mother’s tragic death. Elsewhere, Lieutenant Greene takes ‘Nemo’ on her maiden voyage…!

story, art, & cover IAN CHURCHILL

Price: $3.99
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  1. Fun reveal last issue.  Hope this keeps up the fun.  Love this book.

  2. Love it, too. This book as fun writgten all over it, and it looks so great.

  3. Yeah, I’m glade the second issue was so much better. In a way, the fist and second should have been sold at one issue, just because the fist issue didn’t have enough drive to it.

  4. Glad I’m hearing good things about this book so far, makes me excited to pick it up in trade …or better yet, maybe I’ll pick up the issues if my LCS still has them!

  5. What is the best IMAGE book in the stands right now? What do you think?

  6. @optra08 Chew

  7. @optra08  I gotta go with Walking Dead.

  8. Banal retread Zombie lore.  I’ve read both and Chew is better by far.  With Chew you at least get color and an original story.  Like public enemy said, “Don’t believe the hype.”   

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