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IAN CHURCHILL (Hulk, Supergirl) continues his brand new creator-owned series! Lieutenant Greene gets a tour of Ocean Point and ends up seeing more than expected! Meanwhile, in South Africa, Jake’s life is accidentally put in mortal danger and only Marineman can possibly save him… but at what cost?!

story, art & cover IAN CHURCHILL

Price: $3.99
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  1. Ugh. Another issue of a comic so inane that the shock ending of the first issue was that, gasp, the military person in charge is a hot chick! No thanks.

  2. I’m having fun with it. Didn’t expect much anyway

  3. Love this book.

    @TheDoh:  I Didn’t think the ending was supposed to be a surpise, but it didn’t need to be a splash either.

  4. I liked this.  The art is fun and the setup is cool.  I hope this takes some risks, though.  I want some fun action soon!

  5. Wow. Even a fun and beautiful book like this, clearly a labour of love, drags out haters.
    Whatever, looking forward to this one. Not much going on in #1, lots of setup, but it looked promising.  And the art is a nice departure from all the muddy and grim stuff that still dominates the shelves. And on time, too. I read that Churchill is already drawing #5.

  6. Labors of love do not a good book make. The first issue of a new series needs to grab you. We no longer live in the days where we can afford to wait out boring streams of dialogue and weak characterization with the hopes that it will pick up in a few overpriced issues. This isn’t teevee, each issue costs bucks and there needs to be something that indicates the direction of the series, or at least a final surprise with promise of future delivery. I flipped through issue 2 at the shop and saw, naturally, a shark attack (man, can’t anyone go swimming without meeting a shark?) and another one page spread of our big breasted hot military leader. Glad I stuck to my guns.

  7. @TheDoh I really think you’re missing the point, but whatevs. Comics could stand more shark punching and less empty gravitas. Churchill is bringing the heat on these pages.

  8. The first issue grabbed me. Just not with the same old formula.

    But that is not my point. If the book is not to someones liking, it sure is okay to state so.
    But here is a guy putting alot of love and work in a book, does something different and not do the same old, tired superhero stick with the oh so shocking last page supervillain reveal.
    And still, people who didn’t like what he did come back the second month, to complain about the same thing they complained the first time around. Just to be sure nobody misses them talking the book down. Even flipping through the next issue so they can bitch some more.
    What the f- is wrong with those people.
    Rant over.

  9. It’s not bitching, it’s stating disappointment at a book I picked up with anticipation. And why do I post it again on issue 2 comments? Because I was interested in seeing other comments on the book and whether not I was in the minority. And exercise in interest on other’s thoughts, not just a both session. Be T peace, grasshopper.

  10. Wow, that’ll teach me to post from my iPhone! Yes, many typos in the previous response. Alas, technology!

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