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Price: $2.99
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  1. It’s a damn shame that they went and brought a great book back, only to start it with a crap story arc and a crap artist… and it get cancelled again.  Oh, well.  Maybe her crap kid will get killed, so this won’t have been for nothing.

  2. If this book wasn’t about to be canceled, I’d probably drop it.  At this point I’m only buying it for the art, the story has become really mundane.

  3. I like the story. Not as much as the court drama of previous arcs but still good imo.

  4. My wallet is glad to see it go, but i am going to miss the supporting cast.

  5. I too have liked this story so far and hope that Kate Spencer does ont disappear from the DCU.

  6. @Hoshi: Seems to me Didio mentionned that he wanted Manhunter to appear reglarlu in BOP. But it’s getting cancelled….

  7. Yeah, will be missed, but they really didn’t do ANYTHING to attract new readers either in marketing or storytelling beyond maybe having her show up in B.O.P. (another low-selling, pending-cancellation book).

  8. This cover looks really great up close. Didn’t have nothing to do with the story but it looked good.

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