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Fresh of the murder of a mutant-hate group, Magneto forms a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the membership will shock you.

Story by Skottie Young
Art by Clay Mann, Seth Mann & Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Colors by David Curiel & Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by Clay Mann, Seth Mann & Lee Duhig

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Joseph, man…fucking Joseph!

  2. I love Scottie young (the guy is a beast of an artist) but I really disliked the fact that I had to search Wikipedia to find out who Joseph was just to understand the reveal at the end of last issue. Seriously new X-readers like myself should not be expected to know about continuity from over a decade ago. It’s lame and the reason I don’t buy very many x books, even though I want to like them. May not continue this if it’s continuity heavy.

    • i only knew it was joseph because my dad had an xbook a long time ago with a long-haired magneto, whom he later told me was joseph. So when i saw magneto with long hair i audibly “oooooooh”-ed. I don’t let the continuity thing get me down though. I’m glad when something pops up that i don’t know about. I love reading about those things because that, more often then not, branches off into other unknown territories for me to inquire about. I do understand how it could be frustrating, though, i don’t see how the end could have been such a “twist” if they’d spent the first half of the issue telling us about a long deceased Mags clone. ya know?

    • The reason we buy the books is because we actually give a shit about continuity, Marvel should definitely NOT just dump the continuity, intrigue and character dramas in favour of lame monster of the week stories that will have no bearing or importance ten years from now.

    • @Smutty: Who’s “we”? That’s not the reason *everyone* buys books.

    • I had no idea who Joseph was either, but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story.

    • …There’s only been ONE issue so far! How can you say that Marvel is dumping the “continuity, intrigue and character dramas”? As a matter of fact, the story of Astra and Joseph is one of the funnest parts of Magneto lore. Cool your jets, hotshot.

  3. Mann draws the sexiest Magneto ever……. I can say that 100% unabashedly.

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