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  1. The best book no one is reading.  Both Conor, DC fanboy, and Josh, vertigo fanboy, haven’t cracked this book open (I think?).  Are people waiting for the trade?  I doubt it.


  2. I started buying it for Phantom Stranger, and… well, Phantom Stranger is in it so much that I decided to stick around.  He is so freakin cool.  I love the Stranger!  He’s all mysterious and wise… but in a badass kinda way.  Is that even possible?  "Wise in a badass kind of way"?  lol… ::sigh::  I’m retarded.

  3. Definitely one of my favorite monthlies. Love Matt Wagner! I loved the mention of Etrigan last issue.

  4. @Urthona: Waiting for the trade. It comes out in July.

  5. Ah yes, the layaway plan!  That explains it!  🙂

    And @WoodenSpoonVersusShiv, I wonder if Wagner had gone with Phantom Stranger/Madame Xanadu as the title, if the book would have done better.  There are a lot of PS fans like you out there.  I worry this book doesn’t sell enough.

    And now an ending stupid point: The "Madame" part drives me crazy, I wish they had her a widow at some point, maybe to the Khan.  I do like how Xanadu has a sexual appetite for wizards.  Overall, tho’, I think Wagner maybe hasn’t given MX enough of a core personality/drive.  I’m still not really sure I understand what drives her/what she is trying to accomplish.  In fact, her occasional daliance in bed with someone seems to be one of the few areas where Wagner gives her a little color.  Wish there was more.

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