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Writer Matt Wagner redefines the way we think about the five senses in “Extra Sensory,” a 6-issue storyline featuring different interior art each issue by some of today’s most talented female comics artists and covers by Mark Buckingham (FABLES)!

Acclaimed newcomer Marley Zarcone (Forgetless) kicks things off in New York City, 1963. While riding on the subway, a young woman from Harlem begins seeing brutally horrific metamorphoses right in front of her eyes. Can a visit to Madame Xanadu’s Lower East Side storefront help stop these strange, prophetic visions before her she stares death in the face?

Other evocative artists joining this arc include Laurenn McCubbin (Rent Girl), Chrissie Zullo (CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE), Celia Calle (AMERICAN VIRGIN) and Marian Churchland (The Beast). Amy Reeder and Richard Friend reunite on the final issue of the arc, which focuses on Madame Xanadu’s “extra” sense – her clairvoyance.

Written by MATT WAGNER

Price: $2.99
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  1. I’ve been curious. Who can sum this title up in a few sentences?

  2. I like this series, it’s a good mythical book in the same vein of the Books of Magic. I like that it gives The Mysterious Stranger a lot of good history. The art is also consistently good but seems at times dated. Anyone reading the new series Zatanna would probably enjoy this series.

  3. Every time this comes out, it could easily be my pick of the week.  

  4. I like it a lot, but I’m thinking I should pick it up in trade. Because I love the first book and most of the single issue of the next arch were out already, but the last was felt like it took forever to fisnish up. I think Wagner is one of those writers that writes for trades.

  5. this issue reminded me a lot of certain issues of Gaiman’s Sandman, the title character isn’t the main focus and is merely there for advice. I liked it a lot.

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