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  1. Well I’m buying it, but mainly to finish out the arc, and walk away. It’s just not quite good enough to justify the cost.  Sorry Mr. Dini.

  2. I’m still digging this book but I feel like it’s been a while since the last issue.

  3. I dropped this book with issue #3 but recently picked up #4 & #5 on the cheap so am planning on picking this issue up.  Does anyone else get upset when the companies start referring to a series of issues as a Season?

  4. I don’t really mind referring to a series of issues as a Season but it damn well better come out within a year (just like TV). I think they are doing this because of all the comic book writers who also write for TV as well as because of shows like Heroes that might be bringing people to comics. Basically, I think they are trying to be new, hip and trendy.

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