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  1. This Book Keeps Getting Better and Better.

    We need a Cover Pic!

  2. I agree. I was skeptical at first based on the concept but picked up #1 based on Paul Dini writing it. Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised and the book keeps getting better with each issue. The art is not my favorite style but it is still good and fits to concept and characters.

  3. See, more than anything, I’m loving the art on this book.  Kenneth Rocafort is kicking ass!  I guess he has a similar style to Bryan Turner.  I would love to see Rocafort in the DCU drawing Birds of Pray or maybe something like Batman & the Outsiders.  The story is ok, but WAY too confusing for me to remember what the hell happenned in the previous issues.  Only 1 more issue to go, but I think this would have worked better for me in trade.  There’s been too much time in between issues to get into the story.

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