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  1. Does this issue have anything to do with the previous 21?

  2. Did this book ever get good?  I picked it up for a year because I love the Western genre and 100 Bullets.  I dropped it at #12 because I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on (or even keep the characters straight).

  3. I think it has stayed pretty consistant throughout.  So if you were disappointed up to #12, there’s probably not much here for you.

    I will say this however, that it does read a helluva lot better in trade format.  It’s a challenging enough read as it is without being broken up into bi-monthly installments.

    I’m just happy to see this title continuing, as after the way it wrapped up with #21, I thought for sure that that was it.

  4. 21 was it for me. I paged through this issue and put it back on the shelf

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