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JoshSHill03/12/08YesRead Review
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  1. Gotta admit, not an X-Men fan, not even much of a Wolverine fan, but Risso and Vaughan, how can you really pass that up?  I’ll give it a shot.

  2. After getting all excited about Vaughan and Risso, it only occurred to me after the fact that this is a Wolvie book.

    Man, this could be great.

  3. I just finished reading all of the "Y The Last Man" trades (cannot wait for the last one!!), so I’m rally looking forward to what Vaughan does with this. Plus Wolvie in Japan is almost always a good thing. How much you wanna bet he falls in love with someone & it ends tragically?

  4. @josh: Gee, that doesn’t sound like you! ;-p

  5. Actually, I am passing this up precisely because it deals with the most boring character in all of comicdom to me, Wolverine.

    What sadness to have this be BKV’s new book.  Sadness for me.

  6. @Labor – but if anybody could make Logan interesting, BKV could, no??

  7. I dunno man. It’s that so much of Wolverine is just people tacking on more useless dross to his past. Just can’t get excited by yet another story that reveals a SHOCKING REVELATION OF WOLVERINE’S PAST. Always feels like a put on and more than little forced when another writer does that schtick. 

    Maybe I’ll read it off the shelf and see if the book catches my fancy. But I gotta be honest, most things X-men/Wolverine related are anathema to me.

    But I’m glad fans of Wolverine got a good writer writing him since Greg Rucka left. 

  8. Maybe the shocking revelation will be all the other shocking revelations… never happened!! THAT’D be shocking!  Seriously, @Labor, everything you say is true. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from learning that Wolverine apparently started out as some Heathcliff-typre named James. Somehow, when the big ORIGIN story started, that was the last thing I expected… or enjoyed.

    All that said, hope springs eternal. Cheers.


  9. What does the title indicate, that this explains how Wolverine got the (nick)name Logan? I’ve never read any of the Origin stuff from the last several years and always think it’s very wrong whenever other X-Men refer to him as James. I mean, if one of my friends just found out the real name on his birth certificate was "James", I doubt we’d all start naturally calling him that. And I can’t see Wolverine being the type to insist that everyone do so. Wolverine will always be "Logan" to me, so much better than "James" even though, of all the little Origin details, I think the fact that he came from aristocratic settlers is slightly interesting.

  10. Bryan K. Vaughn writing a Marvel character is something I’d typically be interested in.  Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to like Risso’s art, whether in Batman or 100 Bullets.  Just reminds me of gritty Mad Magazine art, for some reason.  If people rave, I may go back and get it.  Then again, I didn’t like Vaughn’s Ultimate X-Men, so maybe I wouldn’t like this anyway.

  11. It’s best to just pretend Origins dosen’t exist, it’s terrible anyway.

    @Labor: Rucka was hardly the last good writer to get his hands on him.. Millar had a fun run and will be back on the book soon with McNiven drawing. Jason Aaron (Scalped) is writing it now.. Joss has got him down perfectly in Astonishing, and Bendis has used him well in the Avengers books.

    I’m not a huge Wolverine fan, but he’s popular for a reason. The character has a definite appeal and when he’s used properly he’s great.

  12. I’ll check it out in the store, but I doubt I’ll buy it, if for no other reason than I’m trying to stop buying mini-series in issues and start buying them in trade.



  13. I’m optimistic because I just can’t remember the last time Vaughan let me down.  And when you’re talking a short three issue mini….that’s just what he does well.  This has been on the books for a good long time too.  The thing about Wolverine is, i don’t care about him much, but when done well, he’s still got that "it" factor.

  14. With me trying to cut back, I’m going to pass on it.  But I think it will be a quality book.  Most likely, it will be "Dr. Strange: The Oath" amazing and I’ll pick it up in trade.

  15. What’s with the $3.99 price tag with all these new Marvel mini-series (ex. Barracuda, upcoming Angel)? The extra dollar seems to be going for the card stock covers as far as I can tell. Even though it’s only a dollar after buying 3-6 issues at that price I acts as a deterrent. Then again I still keep paying 4 bucks for shitty Transformer books from IDW; maybe its just backwards priorities on my part (nostalgia over good stories).

  16. I sincerely can’t wait for this, but I worry just a bit because its been on the shelf for a while, thats never a good sign. But Vaughn has never let me down, and I can’t see how he could, because that last issue of Ex Machina kicked so much ass. This is probably my top pull, I hope it delivers.

  17. I don’t know dont like Wolverine that all but might pick it up because of Brian K. Vaughan but might drop it might not only 3

  18. Why a buck more? 🙁

  19. It’s $3.99 because it’s 32 pages.

  20. Uncanny X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man are $2.99 and listed as 32 pgs. Does that include ads for those books and 32 pgs without ads for Logan for the extra buck? Sorry to get hung up over a dollar but over time it adds up if I’m getting the exact same thing as the cheaper books.

  21. @Ben0:

    The reason it’s been on the shelf is because it took Risso so long to draw it. He was basically doing this in his spare time while keeping a monthly schedule on 100 Bullets.

  22. Just read it, and LOVED it.  Nice typical Brian K Vaughn twist at the end, and I f**ing LOVE Risso’s art.

    Seriously, Brian K Vaughn can do no wrong.   

    I also happened to pick up the black and white variant.  Really sweet seeing Risso’s stuff with no color.  Anyone else pick that up? 

  23. I picked this up cuz like everyone here I like Vaughn. It was OK until the last page and then I was very intrigued. I am interested to see where he goes with this. The art wasn’t my favorite but it was still good. It fit the story. I picked up the color version but I think I will take a look at the b&w variant edition next week when I go to the store.

  24. Just read it and man, BKV has huge #$#$@ing historical nads. Can’t WAIT to see where this goes in only 2 issues.

  25. Read it, dug it. Especially the twist at the end. SPOILER …….   are we going to see just how far Logan’s healing factor REALLY goes considering his geographic location?

    Wolvie in Japan remains a good thing, particularly in the hands of a great writer. The art wasn’t too shabby either. 


  26. @Josue: Is WWII Japan/Vaughan more taxing than WWII Germany/Millar?
    Fingers crossed for an entire arc of Origins dedicated to Wolverine’s tour of WWII’s finest POW camps.

  27. I thought it was okay. Of course the ending was totally unexpected and has me wondering where it will go.

  28. The 3.99 price was a bit of a turn off for me.  While flipping through it, I didn’t think I saw enough text or story.  With there being only three issues I thought there would be more in this issue especially considering the price.  But after reading this week’s Pick of the Week, I went back to the store and I’m glad I did.  I should have known BKV and Risso wouldn’t disappoint.  I’m curious to see when this will be collected and what price point/format it will have.

  29. My LCS was sold out. =(


    They are ordering more issues though, so I will have it this week. 

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