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  1. Wow, this was a really excellent read.  Three things:

    1) Great art.  Loved the contrast between the more cartoony characters and the detailed, draftsman-like backgrounds.  Great use of repetive frames at times.  All the characters had unique looks, and I liked how the eldest son looked like Dad.

    2) I loved how instead of leaving the events of issue #1 as a setup for the rest of the story, instead the characters are instead trapped by the events of issue #1…the reallife trauma isn’t swept under the table as fodder for the story, but instead IS the story.  That thrilled me.  I figured we were going to get all sorts of "what happens next" and "adventures", but instead, the book spirals relentlessly around the initial massacre, drawing you in deeper and really making you feel how the characters would react.

    3) The 3 kids and Mom are perfect.  They are all so very different and believable.  The horrors unfolding really hit home because of that. 

    This book covers the opening arc, and it is very complete and self-contained.  That said, the new status quo started at the end of the book has me anxiously awaiting Volume II.

     Five stars!


  2. @Urthona: If you dug this you should check out Joe Hill’s fiction work (Heart Shaped Box; 20th Century Ghosts).

    Interesting side note, Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son. 

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