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  1. So excited to finally be able to get this! 

  2. My wife and mother in law will be excited this came out.

  3. Excellent.  The first book was good stuff, happy to read more.

  4. Why isn’t this just Locke and Key Vol. 2?

  5. @doddzilla

    I agree, man.  It’s really obnoxious that they don’t call this Locke & Key vol.2.  It’s confusing, if not for this discussion here I probably would have assumed it was just a reissue of the first collection.

  6. Ya i didnt know it was volume 2 til i saw it in the store today lol I loooooooooooooooved the first one and have been anticipating this release since I dont buy the issues.

  7. It is calle Locke & Key Vol 2. It’s just a mistake in the listings.

  8. It has a "2" on the spine as well, dodd.

  9. @iFanboys: 

    Um, how do some comics post ratings above 5??

  10. Am waiting for the softcover….Volume 1 was GREAT.

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