The Eisner and Scream Awards-nominated series continues! Dodge takes possession of the crown of shadows, and darkness falls upon Keyhouse… with a vengeance.

Writer: Joe Hill
Artist: Gabriel Rodriguez

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 79.4%
Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. Love love love. Best comic on the shelves.

  2. I second that!


  3. I didn’t think this was coming out this week??? But I’m fucking glad. Fuck yeah best comic out there!

  4. hellzyeah

  5. switched to issues for this arc, the hardcovers were gorgeous but a little pricey, and i was afraid it may take something away from the experience but oooh was i wrong, this and sweet tooth make me smile when i see them on my list

  6. i buy it in issues and i do the hard covers have to double dip this book is that good.

  7. My shop didn’t get this and they’re saying its not coming this week???

  8. @rockingeek
    same here

  9. YUP

  10. @rockingeek: same here. OK, at least I know my order wasn’t screwed up.

    Did anyone get this?

  11. @hailscott
    Well someone rated it, not sure what that’s all about

  12. I got mine. You’re stores must suck 😉

    It was fantastic, by the way.  

  13. Your, drake, *your*.

  14. @drake
    curious east or west coast

  15. Fuck you drake 😉 you lucky bastard!

    I’m 100% sure we’re getting this next week. Better cause if not I fucking RIOT!

  16. @deadspace-Damn you and your Queen’s English!!

    @Peterparker18102-Hmm, no idea. Might be a coast thing.

    @rockingeek-I’m be very surprised if the rest of the stores didn’t get it next week. I’d riot alongside you. Everyone needs to get their hands on this book. 

  17. Picked it up yesterday and it is outstanding!

    I’m in California, so I don’t know what coast the rest of yas are on, but it hit my store.

  18. East coast here and my store’s getting it next week fo’sure. Just got my mailling list for next week releases and it’s there. No riot 🙁

  19. @rockin I say you riot regardless.  Violence without purpose has always suited my needs in the past.  I find reasons and justifications to be tiresome:)

  20. East coast, no issue. Damn you diamond!

  21. I got it, and its possibly my favorite single issue since the 1st series.  5/5 is an understatement

  22. @vada- You’re right, there’s always a good reason to riot… like the fucking teabaggers, I fucking hate those fuckers! RIOT!!!!!

  23. mmmm. This book is getting darker than usual and that’s delicious.

  24. On a week when this book comes out, nothing else stands a chance. 5 stars and POW. 

  25. The variant cover is fucking awesome. Way better than the regular.

  26. grrr my LCS didn’t have this issue this week either!

  27. My shop only got the variant cover and sold it to me at the regular price. He’s so fucking cool. It’s my pick of the week… for this week(02/24/10).

  28. @ cromulent 

    not mine either! and i know the guys at my shop read it so they ordered it!….BASTARDS! 

  29. Got it finally! Good stuff as always

  30. Just got this in Texas.  It was well worth the wait 😀

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