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  1. Can’t wait!

  2. Thank god its finally back. POW.

  3. yes!!!  def check out this series.  I had preconceived notions going in (Stephen King’s son writing comics?  get out of here poser!!!) and this series proved itself to be one of the best I have ever read.  Give it a try!!

  4. the first arc was amazing, but i thought the last arc was a bit slow.  lets hope this one is kickass!

  5. How much do I need to know about the first trade?

  6. Sweet.  Can’t wait to get into this new arc.

  7. I keep hearing things about this book is it a good jump on point or do I need 2 pic up the 1st trade

  8. Not sure if you’ll need to know much of what happened previously.  Basically, dad gets murdered, family moves to house in New England, house has strange keys in it that do a bunch of different crazy things, evil spirit-thing is trying to gain access to these keys and is using the kids to try to find them. 

    Just pick up this issue and see if it clicks with you.

  9. @Spidey2- Thats funny because I thought the exact opposite. I thought the 2nd arc far surpassed the first.

    If this series is able to keep up the quality of the previous 2, I will be extremely impressed.

  10. I think it’s all been amazing. Strong contender for POW

  11. @HailScott and @jfgn – there are 2 trades before this and I’d recommend reading those before reading this. 

  12. This has been one of the strongest series that I’ve read.  Truly glad a new one is coming out.

  13. This is the only series that I’m reading that truly creeps me out. It is scary in a way that I don’t think Walking Dead could ever achieve. If you are a horror fan you need to be reading this.

  14. Trade-waiting. Let’s see if that’s true, once I’m in store 😛

  15. @Wade-pick up the singles and I’ll be your best friend!

    Less than 100 pulls so far.  Tis a crying shame :-/ 

  16. @drake if people weren’t forced to penny pinch, I think a lot more people would be picking this up.  If I remember correctly, both Josh and Conor really enjoyed this book.

  17. the art is def super cool.  Usually I don’t go for the cartoony stuff but it fits so well.  I would pick this over 95% of ths stuff that is coming out this month.

  18. @vadamowens – and even they’re not picking this up 🙁

    i have all the issues and both HCs. it’s *that* good. 

  19. Well, I believe Conor wishes to stick to the trades.  I don’t blame him, those are beautiful collections and I am seriously considering double dipping.

    But I believe Paul said he was switching to singles with this arc.  I could be mistaken though.

  20. I’m surprised IDW doesn’t hype this more on their website.  I know "their thing" is licensed properties, but an original series like this is a pretty big deal in the comics community.

    How does it do on sales compared to other indy titles?

  21. In 18 hours it will be in my hands.

  22. @rockingeek: Finally something we can agree on, this is a great book.

    I have to thank the winderful Blair Butler again for recommending this book.  On of the best indie books out there.

  23. @jestr I get a lot of my comic recommends from Fresh Ink as well.  It’s a great show.

  24. @vandmowens – where and what is this show?

  25. @cutty Fresh Ink is a short review show that is weekly on g4tv.com  It is hosted by Blair Butler and is pretty good.

    I am pretty pissed that the TPB of the second series hasn’t come out.  I am gonna have to wait till it does to read this, but I am still pulling.  This is gonna take a lot of will power to not read it.

  26. @cutty Be warned. She’s not a very big x-fan.  Other than that minor flaw, she is near perfect with her recommends, at least for me.

  27. Just read it. Perfect. Ghost fight!

  28. Fantastic and beautiful book.  I’ve loved every single issue and this is no exception.  POTW hands down.

  29. Great book! Everyone should be reading this!!!!

  30. This is a great book to give to friends I’ve found. Everyone I’ve given it to has enjoyed it and actually asked me when there will be more, these are non-comic fans mind you.

  31. I caved and read this.  It was great, and I loved it, I don’t care if it spoils things.

  32. This is amazing. Easily my favourite comic out there right now. 5/5 and POTW.

  33. This is easily one of my favourite books coming out right now.  It’s good enough that I am getting both the issues and the HCs.  I loved this issue.  An easy POTW decision for me.  I really wish there were more people reading this book.

  34. Not one of the better issues of the series, but a fantastic opening issue and a beautiful one over all. Vey excited to see where this goes, strong POW contender. 5/5.

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