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  1. I just read the last trade. Friggen incredible book

  2. Yes, this is my favorite current book right now. The first time I read this book was a couple years ago on free comic book day when the comic book store I went to gave me a free copy and I’ve been hooked every since.

  3. this, and the stuff of legend are the highest quality, best all around comics in current publication. They are the quarter horses of the comic book world.

    • I agree. The Stuff of Legend is fantastic, as of course is Locke and Key. The Walking Dead and The Boys round out my top four…not that anyone asked.

  4. So, after I read this I re-realized just what a magical book this is. There were some dramatically ironic comments for long time readers to get a “if you only knew” chuckle out of: i.e. the one Dodge made to his girlfriend about her mom. The writing is geneious how Hill is tying things together and obviously having fun with it. Moreoover, the outworldly angles, dimensions and detail of Gabe Rodriguez’s art is stupifying. I can just stare at those cave drawings and get lost in there. Beyond amazing…way beyond. On another note, if I was the shot caller at IDW, I wouldn’t have any advertising for my other comic lines in L&K. Reason being, even though IDW is wisely holding off the adverts until the back of the book, they look, in juxtiposition, grossly inadequate and babytron after having just read L&K. It’s like having just test driven a Ferrari and then being pervasively exposed to billboards touting a Prius or some other signifigantly inferior ride by comparison. Why bother?

  5. I was a little bit disappointed by the first two issues of Clockworks. With the last two issues of Locke & Key the creative team there has gone and…..totally redeemed themselves!! Issues 3 and 4 of Clockworks were EPIC!!!!! (Best book out there now….just sayin’).

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