‘Archie Loves Betty: Different Drummers.’

Things have taken a turn for the worse with Archie and Betty’s careers, but a little help from friends could reignite the dreams that brought them to the Big Apple. Meanwhile, circumstances in Riverdale lead Veronica and Reggie to forge a fragile bond and an offer to buy Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe leaves Jughead with only days to find the money to make a higher bid of his own. Will the kids from Riverdale be able to make dreams into reality?

‘Archie Loves Veronica: Main Street Mangle.’

Lodge Industries’ plan to buy out Pop Tate’s is tearing Archie and Veronica apart. The gang has splintered too, and only a few remain on speaking terms as matters of dollars and cents challenge their struggles for friendship and love. Can the once resilient teens survive the woes brought on by political tricks, money troubles and love gone awry?

Written by Paul Kupperberg
Art by Norm Breyfogle, Andrew Pepoy, Joe Rubinstein, Jack Morelli, Janice Chiang and Glenn Whitmore
Cover by Norm Breyfogle and Tito Pena

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