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  1. Important note: this has a criminal story in it!

  2. I know! This should have more pulls. New criminal! new the Boys! more awesome stuff i’m forgetting. PLUS it’s for a good cause!

  3. I didn’t know about this book until I read the New Comics thread, & my pull list is already too big this week, but new The Boys, Criminal AND Garth Ennis? … that’s too hard for me to resist.

  4. Glad to support the cause but wish I got some better material for the cover price. I did enjoy the stories from Ennis (The Boys), Darwyn Cooke (The Deadly Book) and Millar et al. (The House of Dracula) but the rest I could have done without, especially the Tales of Comic Book Censorship. I can’t stand Sergio Aragoes’s art and they really beat you over the head with the subject matter. Even with the stories that I dug they all seemed rather forced.

  5. I thought it was awesome! I liked all the stories, especially the Criminal & The Boys (Hulk balls!) sections. I haven’t read all my books yet, but so far this is my POW. Can it be a POW when it’s not a "real" comic?

  6. yeah, almost everything in this book was extremely heavy-handed. it was entertaining enough and for a good cause, so i’d say it’s worth the purchase, but at the same time it’s nothing too amazing.

    also – i would buy a monthly book with mark millar’s senior citizen dracula. that ruled. 

  7. My LCS did’nt have this.  I guess they don’t care about the cause. 

  8. I thought it was meant to be heavy handed & obvious. *shrugs*

  9. Yeah, heavy-handed was the point of it all.

  10. I pretty much liked this but I did have a problem with the heavy-handedness. It’s point WAS to get a message across sure but it could have been a bit less blatant and obvious about it. Still, it is a good cause and the creators involved are an impressive selection of some of comics’ top talents and, best of all, there were times when it reminded me of that great anthology series, Solo. Sergio Erganes’ issue is especially a must for anyone who liked his stuff here because his work in that issue was nothing short of stupendous.

  11. Oh yeah, and one other thing, as someone who is generally very much not a fan of Mark Millar’s writer, can I just say that I just loved his Dracula story here. See, he scales back the "edginess" and, *groan*, "badassery" and it turns out that he really can write a damn good comic.

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