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War can make heroes out of seemingly average men, but there is nothing average about the Legion. As their adventures rocket them into the public eye, they must still contend with new threats to their worlds. While attempting to seek help from the century of Super Heroes, they find themselves locked out of time and discover a clue to who is behind the forces terrorizing their homes.

Written by PAUL LEVITZ

Price: $2.99
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  1. That’s the outfit Violet should have in the ongoing.

  2. Personally, I wish this was an ongoing series. What a great jumping on point even for the well-versed Legion fan.

    Doesn’t Clark Kent show up in this issue?

  3. I really liked this re-telling of the LOSH origins. I feel like I’ve read this story a million times, but Levitz has brought a new feel to it. Batista’s art is so clean and clear that it’s easy to follow. They should put Batista on one of the other ongoing LOSH titles after this wraps up.

  4. This mini is what the first six issues of the Legion should be right now. I should not have to buy a six issue mini to understand where these characters came from, unless Levitz forgot that this was a soft reboot. It was a chance to bring in new Legion fans and he threw it away in favor of keeping the die-hards happy.

    • The Legion did NOT need another Reboot. Secret Origins is the perfect middle ground for helping new readers along. LoSH did not need to start over from the beginning for the 4th time.

    • I’m enjoying this comic way more than the main LSH series, and I wish it would continue. But on the other hand, I also hate the idea of the Legion being rebooted again. But does it need another reboot? I would have to say yes. It just needs a good reboot. The main series is a mess.

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