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The architect of today’s Legion of Super-Heroes, Paul Levitz, delivers a science fiction odyssey on a scale you’ve never seen in a new, 6-issue miniseries!

The broad strokes of the Legion’s origin are well known, but you’ve never seen the secret machinations that went on behind the scenes! Why was the organization known as the United Planets formed? Who tried to kill R.J. Brande the first time? And what great power could leave entire planets desolate and lifeless?

Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad may have founded the Legion, but the story starts here!

Written by PAUL LEVITZ

Price: $2.99
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  1. Maybe, just maybe this could be considered a ‘jumping on point’ for the Legion? At least thats what i am hoping.

  2. The legion issues from this latest run from Levitz have really been bad IMO

    but i’m a sucker for origin/year one stories, so it gets a chance

  3. I love the Legion. My wallets stretched pretty thin with reading two Legion books already, but I’ll give it a shot. It’ll be nice to see Chris Batista back drawing the Legion.

  4. Trying it, but my expectations aren’t very high.

  5. Nice to see DC use the word “architect” in a solicit. 🙂

    I just wish they’d’ve given newbies a good jumping-on-point during September’s relaunch.

    • Yeah same here. I tried both legion books and they were HORRIBLE for new readers so bad in fact i’m still debating if I even want to give this a try because I have such a bad taste in my mouth for anything with the word legion after those 2 abysmal failures.

  6. This book comes with a flight ring!

  7. This was meh at best. I am done with anything that has the word legion in it. I’ve now wasted money on 3 seperate legion number 1s trying to give this a fair try. Not for me at all.

  8. Nice setup to a historically complicated cast of characters. I thought the writing was concise and the art complimented the story effectively. No “over the top” splash pages and plenty of story within these 20 pages.

    I tried the new Legion and Legion Lost, but came away confused. In my opinion, this should have been the story for Legion of Superheroes # 1 for the New 52.

    I gave the story a 4 and the art a 4. I’m on board!

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