As votes come in from across the galaxy for the next Legion leader, Chameleon Boy enlists Yera in the hunt for their fellow shape-shifting Durlans, convinced that more are at work to destroy the United Planets.

Written by PAUL LEVITZ
Art by Yildiray Cinar, Daniel HDR, Wayne Faucher and Bob Wiacek

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  1. Who is it?  Sunboy, Element Lad, Chameleon Boy, Earth Man?  Who isn’t silhouetted?

  2. I forget who I voted for!  It might have been Ayla of Tinya.  I don’t remember.  I love that they brought back Legion elections though!

  3. I voted for Vi. Darn! I can’t see Earth Man, and the pissed-off look on some of those faces – please, no!

  4. Not who I voted for but I guess he’ll do.

  5. Who’s the new leader? My LCS was sold out at 3pm today. 🙁

  6. Mon-El is the new leader of the LSH.

  7. It’s funny because Mon-El has barely appeared in the book since the relaunch. Must be carry-over lover from his stint in Superman.

  8. I’d have preferred to see Tinya elected, but Mon-El would have been my other choice.  I know this gets analytical but I had a couple of laugh out loud moments and  a couple of nitpicks at seeing who each of the team voted for.  

  9. Mon-El?  Ok, I’m curious to see how Levitz writes him back into the book.

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