With time running out for the Legionnaire in the hands of the Dominators, it’s down to Cosmic Boy to crack the riddle of how the all-powerful Daxamite Renegade made it through an impenetrable blockade… and why would Element Lad leave Chemical Kid alone in a room with that same very, very angry Renegade?

Written by PAUL LEVITZ

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  1. Legion of Super-Heroes is the “RESET” button for the DC Universe.

    Have you read this comic? It still takes place in the old DCU. They talk about Flashpoint and the old Superman. Brainiac and Glorith are trying to fix the timestream, all the while Glorith is distraught about losing a love one and wishes she could go back in time to save them. Glorith is clearly the mysterious cloaked woman that appeared in all the 1st issues of the New 52 – a result of her and Brainiac trying to fix the timeline.

    Will DC hit the reset button at this point though? Not sure. Four months in the New 52 and DC is still on top of the sales charts and doing quite well. Not all the books are great, or even good, but enough are that I don’t see DC hitting the button for a long time – if at all.

    But, if things do take a turn for the worse, look to the Legion to solve the problem and set things back to the way they were in August 2011.

    • You know, when I first saw the cloaked woman, I thought it was Glorith. Makes sense, but if she ever shows up again, DC could go with Gorith or someone else as that mysterious woman.

  2. What a drab, boring cover.

  3. I know for a fact that Jeff Lemire & Johnathan Hickman would drop everything to write LoSH. just a thought…

  4. Another great issue for me (except the cover once that was pointed out), really can’t get enough Legion. So many great characters on the team, really need to hurry up and get the “Legion Lost” crew back in town.

  5. This title is not holding my interest like Legion Lost is, but I am looking forward to next issue. A done-in-one! 😀

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