With the Legion on the edge of defeat, they must look to the past for the sake of their future! In this stunning conclusion of the Fatal Five epic, you won’t believe what the new face of tomorrow looks like!

Story by Paul Levitz
Art by Jeff Johnson & Andy Smith
Colors by Javier Mena
Letters by Dezi Sienty
Cover by J.J. Kirby

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. A good issue, but once again, meaningless solicitations copy.

  2. Much as I respect Paul Levitz’s history both at DC and with the LSH, I feel that if there is a Legion book out again, he shiould step aside and someone else should write it.

    Johns did a great job in Action with the Legion, and there are other writers out there who could handle this team better than Levitz has done over the past 2 or so years..

    • I agree completely. I think Levitz gets more hate than he deserves, then again so do the LOSH. But I would love to see Geoff Johns write a Legion book, he did a fantastic job, or another fresh new writer.

    • I’m not into the “hate” aspect of fandom. Tasye is relative. There are creators whose work has never and will never appeal to me, but hey, others like it, so that’s fine by me. I’ll never ridicule my fellow readers/fans for liking something that I don’t. I”d appreciate the same respect.

      We need different styles and types of talent out there to keep comics as a medium fresh.

      That said, I feel that while Levitz is doing a fine job on World’s Finest, his past 2 years or so of LSH has been far from his best writing, bordering even on directionless, IMO.

      The issue he co-wrote with Giffen a few months back was incredible. Tight storytelling and very impactful. But since then, he’s slid backwards again. (Which, I guess, IS a direction, after all … )

  3. I’d agree World’s Finest is a more intriguing read currently. Legion has always been a fun read and the Mark Waid/Jeff Moy days are my all time favorite with the optimistic storylines and wonderful art style. That’s why I liked the story arc involving Dragonwing best in this run.

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