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Trapped in time with two teammates already dead and unsure if they’re infected or can ever return home, the lost Legionnaires must confront the horrific reality about the pathogen released by the terrorist Alastor when they are forced to confront the very first Hypersapien!

Art and cover by PETE WOODS

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I think people who had problems with issue #1 should really give issue #2 a chance. I have a really good feeling that this series is about to hit its stride. Issue 1 was a rushed mish-mash. Now it has a chance to slow down and establish itself. I think people will be surprised.

    • I agree. I think the book tried to establish it’s premise. But I have a feeling after that it could get really good, thus why I’m sticking with it for a few more issues.

    • That’s my plan, the series I put on my pull list, but the first issue was disappointing I’m giving until issue 3 until dropping. I like the Legion and have liked what Nicieza has written in the past so I am willing to give him a couple issues to get it together.

  2. I really liked the first issue. I thought that Pete Woods’ art was beautiful.

  3. I had high expectations for this, but #1 left me so disappointed I don’t think I will be onboard for #2.

  4. I enjoyed #1 despite the appalling reviews. I’m looking forward to #2.

  5. I liked the first issue a lot, but a bunch of folks didn’t. It will just go back to it’s hard core Legion readership.

  6. Issue #1 read much better the second time around. I think skeptics should give it at least one more issue. I thought Pete Wood’s new style was amazing.

  7. I quite enjoyed issue one, despite how unwelcoming it was for new readers. This will be a fun little series.

  8. I like the new Legion Lost so far. Not as high on the new LSH. But I think they missed a great opportunity. They should have had some Legionaries caught in the time stream during the Flashpoint events and taken out of the time-line like Zoom was. That could have been the Legion Lost group (still alive even though their time-line no longer exists) and then the new LSH book could have done a harder reboot and new origin story like Superboy, Supergirl and Action are doing. It remains to be seen how the new Superman from Action relates to the history of the LSH. He doesn’t appear to have ever been the “Superboy” that the LSH back story originally had. So are they going back to a no-Superboy influence like the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths LSH did?

  9. I think I’ll wait for the trade to come out, didn’t liked issue #1 a lot, it was a big mess filled with question marks on my face panel after panel.

  10. #2 was a lot better then the first. I do think it would be a good idea for for people to check it out if they didnt care for #1 but as been already said, those folks have probably already made up their mind.

  11. Skyfire124- I was one of those people and I did buy issue #2 any way yesterday and read it. I thought it was a improvement over issue #1 easily however; it really is just not for me. The characters I really do not feel anything for and the story just seems boring to me. It is all in my personal taste so like you said I think those that did not like issue #1 it maybe at least worth grabing #2 and really see the improvement from last issue and who knows it maybe up your alley?

    Just Sayin’,


  12. I love that, after all the folks who only tried issue one for the New 52 checklist, the average score is up significantly. This is a fun book, but really only if you have a big ol’ chunk of Legion knowledge going in. I have enough to keep up, and am having a blast. Plus, the art is friggin’ gorgeous.

  13. I liked it, but still in the middle. The 3.6 average is about right, might have to give t another issue to win me over.

  14. This was much better than the first one.

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