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• The LEGION LOST team must decide which fate is worse: staying and dying in the present or returning to a future that may be totally different from the one they left behind!

• Accused of being terrorists, the LOST LEGIONNAIRES are hunted by the new METAMERICAN and his META-MARINES!

Story by Tom DeFalco
Art by Pete Woods
Colors by Brad Anderson
Letters by Travis Lanham
Cover by Pete Woods

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Ok, I stuck it out through “The Culling”, which I actually enjoyed, but I need this book to really hook me with the next storyline. I love these characters, but it’s been kinda “eh” for awhile.

  2. I skipped “The Culling”, so I’m looking forward to this issue.

  3. The Culling didn’t do this book any favors — and it is sorely in need of favors.

    Damn, I wish Dave Cockrum was still alive to resuce Timber Wolf. One of my favorite Legionnaires is just so bland. Then again, the same could be said of Wildfire. On the one hand, I’d like to see these guys back in the main book. On the other hand, Levitz’s work on the main book has been very wanting.

    Not a good time to be a Legion fan, sadly.

  4. I got a sweet deal on the Legion Lost collection by Abnett and Lanning and loved it. That was my first Legion experience, and I would love to jump on board either this or the main title, but it just seems like so many find the current state of these books uninspired. I may grab this issue and hope for the best

    • Just remember that either current Legion title has no real connection to the DnA Legion Lost. And frankly neither title is in the league of that maxi-series (so great).

      But New 52 Legion Lost is kinda ok, and so is LoSH. If I had to recommend one, it would be LoSH over Legion Lost though.

    • I picked up LoSH #9 and it was enough to get me on board for a couple issues. I did try Legion Lost. The thing that totally threw me was the dialogue ending with “Not!” Okay I think that oversused statement saw its day come and go a decade alone and if they are still using it in the 31st century, the the future is very bleak indeed.

  5. The current LSH isn’t doing anything to hold my attention, but Legion Lost has been winning me over (except for The Culling bits). I doubt we’ll see this series hit issue 25 or so, but it is a good ride for as long as it lasts.

  6. Woah — I may need to re-visit my decision, but I left this issue on the shelf.

    A re-cap page like Marvel has would have helped greatly
    Instead, we seem to just pick up with an event from a Culling issue and go from there.

    Man, I wish they hadn’t boogered with this book …

  7. I stopped reading after issue 5 because of the impending Culling and I’m glad I did. I would suggest some exposure to other new 52 characters for this book or a villain group from the 31st century also trapped in the present. This book is going nowhere fast and that’s a shame because DeFalco wrote a great Spider-girl.

    • I like DeFalco a lot (though he might be better-suited to a solo book).,

      I may go back and get this issue to see if I can get through whatever effects The Culling brought – like the all-white suits.

  8. I easily read 30 of the 52 DC titles and Legion Lost is always right at the top of my “read now” stack. I liked the Culling and the interaction with heroes from the current timeline. I can’t wait to see where this next storyline leads me.

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