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  1. This has been pretty good. Not great, but not bad either. I’m just glade it’s over.

  2. thought this issue was the weakest link of the series.

  3. I actually thought this was an improvement on past issues, and quite liked Buddy’s eventual fate.  So nice that Conway felt no need to actually kill him, which was always a possibility.  The chat with the aliens had faint echoes of the Morrison run, though not nearly as good.  Still I never liked the art and could never quite get past how awful those two villains were – like refugees from the 90s.  Those covers though – WOW.  Every one of them was excellent.

  4. Yeah, the covers where all great.

  5. Did anyone notice that the Flash was BLACK in this book?  Talk about a poor coloring job.  Ouch.

  6. @Lewis – The Flash of 2014, according to the writer Gerry Conway, is black.  Not a coloring error.

    Overall a great mini series.  I kept thinking, for whatever reason, that I wasn’t enjoying these issues as they came out month after month.  Yet everytime I finished one, I really enjoyed it.  Conway hits all the notes that Morrison and even Tom Veitch did in the 90’s when it came to who Buddy Baker really is.  A family man with doubts and a D-list hero who is in a constant struggle with his powers.  This will be a great "re-read" in the future.  Plus, who doesn’t enjoy seeing a Green Lantern whale?

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