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The Joker is going to kill all British heroes, and he’s going to make Jarvis Poker watch. The Knight and Squire and their whole community have to stand together – or lose everything – as a chill wind blows
through their cozy world.


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  1. Jumps to the top of the stack!

  2. Cancel Batman & Robin and keep this. 🙁

  3. @ResurrectionFlan  We can’t have both?

  4. This will be epic.

    BTW, the 78 bus does actually run that route from Nunhead to Shoreditch!

  5. This should SO be an ongoing. Probably couldn’t sustain the sales, but I love this.

  6. At Last.  This is the best supehero book DC has in their line-up!

  7. I am so glad to see people enjoy this book, I feel in love with Squire early on and choose to wait on the the trade for this just so I could have it in one book and now I am really looking foward to it coming out so I can read what yall have enjoyed.

  8. I also like this series and it has been one of DC’s better titles for sure.

  9. Just think how much more we’d be enjoying this if we were hip to the English culture and could understand the inside jokes, historical references, and social nuances! 

    Since this is now one of my favourite comics, I recognise that it behovs me to become, with every fibre of my being, an Anglophile, so to maximise humour connexions.

  10. I DO believe a man can fry!


  12. Cheers!

  13. Dropped off K&S after issue #1 but the Joker bit seemed interesting to see.  My thoughts:

    – art really seemed poor in spots.  Didn’t like the Joker rendition.

    – Squire is just about the coolest new character I’ve seen in a long time.

    – I can’t believe how the author seems to denigrate Britain in comparison to the US.  Are Brits really as down on their future and place in the world as this book would make it seem?  They’re just pale weak imitations of US heroes and villains?  Wow.

    – Talk about a don’t tell, show me moment…where was the “stark naked” joker being bound and readied for teleport?  I would have loved to hear his jokes!  Not to mention this sounds like a job for Birthday Girl!

  14. @Urthona  The differences between the the US and the UK have been a pretty major theme throughout the book and, as far as I’m concerned, one of the most interesting aspects of the story.

    I think it’s interesting, for instance, that you see Cornell’s representation of Britain as negative, because as a Brit I see it as a pretty accurate and actually quite positive view. It’s obviously not true of ALL Brits, but we have a tendency to be cynical and pessimistic in nature. As a nation we go into sporting events, for example, already resigned to the fact we’ll probably lose. That’s not to say we aren’t patriotic or proud, of course… It’s just that – as Knight says in an earlier issue – we have these things ‘in moderation’.

    Jarvis Poker was a fascinating character to me, because in the end he was as far from a ‘weak imitation’ of the Joker as you could get. He may have started out aping his American counterpart, but his British reserve stopped him from going all the way with it. A moderate Joker turns out to be a very different character entirely. In this exaggerated version of Britain where villains and heroes alike go down the pub at the end of the day, the chaotic cruelty and grim nature of the Joker sticks out like a sore thumb. As far as the story is concerned, the Joker can ONLY be American, because the Brits would never take it that far. That doesn’t necessarily make Jarvis ‘weak’ in comparison, of course. Would the Joker have the strength of character to

    In the same way, the DC Universe’s British heroes are equally as moderate. Representing Truth, Justice and the American Way is Superman, a truly outstanding hero in every way. Whereas in Britain we have Knight & Squire. A well-to-do and ever-so-polite guy in a suit of armour and a feisty young girl that has vague  ‘communication skills’. I think Cornell did an amazing job creating this quaint little corner of the DC Universe. America is the huge superpower with its Crises and Blackest Nights and so-forth, while Britain is the little island where Facebook and Twitter can be used to defeat ancient monarchs.

    Anyway, I’m rambling. Basically incoherently. Jolly good shhow all round, this mini. Hope Cornell comes back for more.

  15. Markish – very much enjoyed reading your comments, thanks! 

    I’m a big fan of the Great Ten (Chinese superheroes in the DCU) and Alpha Flight and I like how they take a back seat to no one.  If the DC Universe really existed, I think what you’d find would be superheroes from all cultures spread all over the world…sort of like how soccer players come in all shapes and sizes at the World Cup…a place, btw, where I think the English seem pretty damn focused on winning to me (albeit recognizing the stiff competition).

    Again, really enjoyed your comments.

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