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  1. Been picking this one up. I’m liking it, though. Only thing I don’t like is e main character looks like that goofy actor. Other than that, I’m having fun.

  2. I really loved this, piched up the first 3 issues (0,1,2) a couple of weeks ago, and LOVED it, when i was reading them i got a feeling like, This is exactly the reason i’m reading comics, for stuff like this.

  3. Taking a while for the story to get going, but it’s a decent read. I don’t like the main guy — Kirby. I think we are supposed to, and that usually backfires. Digging the old school Kirby designs and characters. Wish more people would give it a try!

  4. Been enjoying this as well, though hoping that they might start narrowing the focus on some of the superpowered characters, so that they might emerge as fuller personalities — or maybe that’s what the spin-offs will be for . . .

  5. Spin-offs?? When do those start?

    • Captain Victory by Sterling Gates and Wagner Reis is October
      Silver Star by Jai Nitz and Johnny D. is November

      both creative teams are liasing with Busiek and Ross to create a really coherent Kirby-verse

  6. Another strong issue — the first page over the water was quite lovely–where there story felt liked it was coming together. I have a sense now of a true narrative and not simply a mass of characters being introduced. Looking forward to what’s next . . .

    Silver Star spin-off as well? Interesting . . .

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