Conan goes against his Cimmerian instincts and sides with Pelias the wizard, who can help the barbarian exact revenge on those who took his crown! Conan races to Aquilonia to regain his throne! With covers by fan–favorite Darick Robertson, this fast–paced, standalone miniseries is a great introduction to Howard’s tales of the great King Conan!

* The creative team behind the critically acclaimed Conan the Cimmerian comic–book run concludes Dark Horse’s first King Conan series!

* The thrilling conclusion to one of Robert E. Howard’s most beloved Conan stories!

Writer: Tim Truman
Penciller: Tom

Price: $3.50
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Nice finish, although big battle scenes are not where Giorello and Truman excel. The previous two issues in the dungeon, on the other hand, were as gothic and creepy and Conan awesome as it gets.

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