Even though he’s been beaten nearly to death, chained to a wall, and locked away deep within Tsotha’s fortress, Conan is by no means out of commission. While the foes and betrayers who stripped him of his crown celebrate their acquisition of Aquilonia, Conan plans his escape. However, an additional, seemingly insignificant foe from Conan’s past stalks Tsotha’s horrific dungeons waiting for a chance to kill the legendary barbarian.

* The creative team behind the Conan the Cimmerian run launches Dark Horse’s King Conan series!

* A great introduction to Conan the King!

Writer: Tim Truman
Artist: Tom

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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. More sweet Giorello art. I predict this ends in blood. Also, tomorrow the sun will rise.

  2. I love it! Huge crazy beasts conjured up by a sorcerer entwined in his own enchantments. A suitable challenge for the mighty Conan.

  3. Wow. Best issue of Conan in some time. Fantastic creepy journey through Tsotha’s dungeon. Crazy creatures galore. Gruesome deaths. Gorgeous Giorello art. I’ll take more of this every month, thank you.

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