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  1. Hard to beleive this series is written by the same dude who did the Gotham Underground BFTC issue last week. This book has been great, while Underground was more like putting your eye balls in a vice for 15 minutes.

    Loving the art in this series also.

  2. Some guys need creative freedom to realy shine.

  3. @WadeWilson: If you like the art check out Atomic Robo (a new mini-series comes out this week) and there are 2 trades out already. You can easily pick up the new issues with out reading volumes 1 and 2.

  4. Bu he SHOULD read Vol. 1 and 2 because they are awesome.

  5. Wegener is also doing the art for the Human Torch 70th Marvel Anniversary one-shot as well. The preview on CBR looks mighty purty.

  6. @comicdork – Cool, thanks, mate. I will check it out.

  7. Damn Diamond didn’t ship my store the copies they ordered.  Have to wait until next week, or just go to another store and hope they have it

  8. If it wasn’t for Atomic Robo, this would by my POtW. Really great comic and the ending is one of those "Awwww yeah!" moments. Wegener’s art is really good, as usual. And you can tell that Yost was having a lot of fun writing this.

    @Ntpmcrtp: Thanks for mentioning the Human Torch one-shot. It was a pretty good read. 

  9. Oh yeah.  I hope this story continues.

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