Hit-Girl spins off into her own blood-soaked saga!

Mindy McCready attempts to settle into life as a regular schoolgirl, but desires nothing more than to be dispensing hot justice to the scum of New York City. Her mother thinks she’s doing her homework – but in reality, she’s taken Kick-Ass on as her sidekick. She’s training him up to punch, shoot and stab – just like Daddy would have wanted. And in return, Kick-Ass is helping her learn to survive middle school – without spilling anyone’s blood. But when Kick-Ass gets benched, leaving Mindy to take on the mafia solo, even Hit-Girl may be in over her head.

Meanwhile, Red Mist pursues his goal of becoming a super villain – and faces a final test of his own.

Collecting HIT-GIRL #1-5.

Story by Mark Millar
Art and Cover by John Romita

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  1. Wow, kinda shocked this only has 4 pulls so far. Has this series dropped off that far? Due to the inconvenient schedule this entire series has had since day one, I’ve always waited for the collected editions to come out….I assumed many others did as well. I mean, I know Kick-Ass 2 wasn’t as good as the first, but wow – 4 pulls???

    • I actually thought this book was better then kick ass 2….i really enjoyed it so if you havent read it in issue form you will be happy I tihnk :)….and kick ass 3 comes out in may? i think. I hope it finshes on a strong note! I think mark miller just takes too much on with so many books he cant keep up.

    • Wasn’t blown away with this. It really suffered storywise not coming out before Kick-Ass 2.

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