After the incredible events of the last issue, the legacy of the Green Hornet and its future are forever altered! There

Writer: Kevin Smith
Artist: Jonathan Lau
Cover: Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Joe Benitez, Stephen Segovia

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Last issue was the best of the series and it made me hopeful for the rest of this series

  2. @mikeandzod21 agreed this is the best Green hornet series

  3. Issue #3 was great. Much better than I expected. Does anyone know how many issues Smith’s will run? It isn’t ongoing, correct?

  4. After the average first issue, this series has gotten really really good, especially the last issue.

    @brian- I’m guessing Smith won’t be on it for too long as this is his intended movie script put into comic form. When that’s done, I’d guess someone else would take over. Do my guesses count for anything at all by the way? 

  5. @Wadewilson that’s what I’ve heard, yes. And I wouldn’t exactly say it’s the best green hornet series…year one has been heads and shoulders above this every issue.

  6. @mike and @Wade – Thanks for the info, guys. I really should’ve checked out the Year One series. This is my first foray into Green Hornet so I latched onto Smith, hoping he’d provide a solid read. I might check out Year One once it’s collected in trade down the road.

  7. @brian if you want a pulpy period green hornet, year one is the book to get it.

  8. This was fantastic until the last page. This is like Bendis on steroids level decompression. This story is moving incredibly slow.

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