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It’s a bunch of firsts for Kevin Keller in the first issue of his ongoing series. It’s his first time as Riverdale High class president. And he gets published in the Riverdale newspaper for the first time. Oh yeah, and Kevin gets ready to go on his first date!

What?! Kevin’s never been on a date before?

That’s the reaction everybody has, as they can’t believe cool, good-looking, mild mannered Kevin Keller has never been on a date. And when he’s made attempts in the past things go terribly wrong, it turns out Kevin Keller is actually bad at something – dating! But the Riverdale gang, along with his old friends and family step in to help ol’ Kevin out. With his friends and family at the helm can anything possibly go wrong? Of course! But Kevin will get through it anyway!

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  1. It was just pointed out to me that Kevin Keller looks like a young Mr. Schue from GLEE. ha!

  2. A rainbow logo? Really? Is that not putting too-fine a point on it? What’s next, Kevin dancing in front of his bedroom mirror wearing nothing but pearls?

    • @RecksDeud: Kevin has already been established as a non-effeminate gay boi. We have the vote and we’re finally allowed to serve openly (and marriage equality will come someday). When, oh when, will the nelly queen stereotypes be finally put to bed? They’re demeaning. Archie Comics ain’t stupid. With the kind of disposable income LGBT Americans have at their disposal, I predict this book will do just fine. The rainbow logo is a wise (if perhaps cynical) choice.

    • @cahubble09: I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve never heard the term “nelly queen” before. But if I’m reading you correctly, then I think we agree (?).

    • haha … I think we do. Kevin is an innocuous gay character for Archie Comics … the interesting thing is off the top of my head I can’t think of any non-masculine gay characters in comics … although Shatterstar has been far more sensitive lately. 😉

    • He just can’t get over the fact that he used to wear a giant shoulder pad and a little white cape.

    • LOL! The irony is that the fetishization of the abnormally bulked up masculine form of the Liefeld era X-Force now seems in retrospect so … GAY! ;P

    • I will admit, when looking back at the first few issues of Liefeld’s X-Force, all the male characters had really…we’ll say, POWERFUL looking groin areas. It’s funny, what got past Marvel editorial as masculine 20+ years ago (little ankle booties, tight pants, tiny gloves, half-jackets, ect.) just seems flamboyant now.

  3. Why do I hear the last line of the Flintstone’s theme in my head when I see this cover?

  4. I actually like the rainbow lettering, I’m specifically buying that cover versus the variant! 🙂 I do hope it’s not the permanent logo, however…

    And @booster, hahaha

  5. KK looks like Freddie from Scooby Doo. I hope, that through dating, he widens his friends circle.

  6. Just read it. It’s a solid start to the new ongoing title! And Dan Parent did what I wanted him to, in giving Kevin scenes with some of the regulars we don’t see him with often enough – like Reggie, Betty, and especially Archie. (It seems important to establish a relationship between Riverdale’s newest and oldest characters.) I hope this book continues the success of its title character for a good long time. And I hope to see Kevin pop up in other Archie books, too.

  7. Man, I really have to go to bed. Fight with Boss today, fight with brother yesterday, parents are twitchy about some legal crapola..ugh,,,no wonder I got drunk tonight. Sorry.

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