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  1. This book is weird now, but i’m staying on for a few. Otherwise I’d just spend the money on Coronas.

  2. I’m holding on until the book splits.  Then I’ll make a definite decision.

  3. @MarkS: Nothing wrong with dropping a book, thats been slacking, so you’ll have more money for booze. But your choice in booze leaves a little to be desired.

  4. Dude, do you know how much Absolut costs? In Brooklyn, NY?

  5. Can’t wait to drop this at the split…especially since all stars is going to have a second feature in it..,not gonna spend $7 on two books lacking

  6. This book has just been lacking something ever since the current creative team took over. From what I hear sales have taken a hit but they’re going to spin off another book??? Not sure this makes sense.

  7. Won’t be getting the second book — sadly. Years ago, they had some decent characters worthy of a split — Hector Hall, Fury, Jade — you know, the original Infinity Inc.?

    These new guys — Magog, Judomaster, etc…. suck city.

    If I was the big D, I’ll pull in the creators from the Kobra mini — they have a better sense of the JSA — IMHO. 

  8. I’m really enjoying this, to be honest. The only qualm I have is with Power Girl’s hair. I’m so used to Amanda Conner’s rendition that Merion’s version is eye jarring. It makes me feel like she’s a different person entirely. I like where this is going, and I get the sense that the style is just too different for people that have been reading JSA for the last 9 years.

  9. @kcekada: I totally agree with bringing in the JSA vs Kobra guys.

  10. I’m excited for the split so some of these stupid characters can get the hell out of this book. hopefully doctor fate sticks around.

  11. @ Rustyautoparts

     Ditto on the Powergirl hairstyle.  I’m much more a fan of Conner’s version.

    I’ve noticed I alternate how I feel about this series after each issue.  I just finished reading the prior issue last night and was iffy on keeping the title, but this one drew me back in.  I’ll probably pick up the first issue of the new series and then stick with the one I like better.




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