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  1. I hope this issue is better then last or it might be my last

  2. I thought the last issue was fun.  I REALLY liked how they handled whoever this new Doctor Fate is!

  3. I’ve never read any JSA until Willingham and Sturges jumped on, and I’ve been enjoying it immensely. I understand that the team is being handled differently than Geoff Johns did, but I’m liking this direction so far. Keep it coming.

  4. after this story, im done

  5. Dropping this title after this week…

  6. I want to like this…but the prospect of more MaGog bores me already.

  7. @Andrew: I totally agree. Is dc just trying to turn Magog into cable with all this overexposure or what? 

  8. I’m liking the story but not the art.

  9. May be dropping this, not sure. Not completely sold, but I don’t want to give up all hope just yet.

  10. @winthewonderboy  I’m pretty sure most companies, in wanting a well known Super Hero, aim a little higher than ‘Cable’. 

  11. Willingham and Sturges write one of my favorite books, but gthey really this book up. Dropped.

  12. This was the best issue so far of this run. Personally Im really enjoying this book, I love the art and think the story has been great fun in places yet has a more sinister undertone. The last page was kind of a shock too, good stuff so far and I’m sure it’s just going to get better.


  13. This was the last issue for me. Incredibly disappointing.

  14. I was disappointed by this, probably won’t continue to read it unless I hear great things. 2/5.

  15. This issue was pretty dissappointing

  16. I agree with all this and may drop it soon.

  17. I kind of think that people aren’t liking this because it’s not Geoff Johns.  I’ve enjoyed it so far, a nice little mystery, good dialogue, good art, and it’s better than some of the other crap out there that I’m sure people are reading.  (*cough*xmenforever*cough*)

  18. does anyone else not like Magog? I hate that guy.

  19. it’s no geoff johns (or eaglesham for that matter) that’s for damn sure.  but i think willingham and sturgges are doing the book justice.  it’s still a fun read and the art really isn’t that bad.  I still like the characters and i still enjoy the adventures.


    yeah, what’s up with magog all over the place.  Though i do like howard porter and john dell 

  20. I’m not sure we’re supposed to like Magog. I’m enjoying him the same way I’m enjoying Norman Osborne and the Dark Avengers – I love when somebody beats the crap out of them.

    Since when is being in one or two books "overexposed" ?

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